Inebura is expanding to Parramatta

Our new location in Parramatta!

After a year of operation since the division from Afea Care Services, we start a new chapter, opening an office in Parramatta, allowing us to be more involved in the community.

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How Inebura began

For a number of years, we offered Plan Management and Support Coordination as part of Afea Care Services. Demand for these services had grown exponentially during that time.

In order to better serve our clients in these two areas, we decided to split the teams. We custom-built new systems and software, including our Plan Management Portal, just for Inebura.

Our Inebura team has grown from three to over 12 people in just nine months. This includes three Plan Coordinators, which ensures all providers and clients have someone to speak to at any time.

We also have a team of Support Coordinators across Sydney and Melbourne. We’re even about to hire a Support Coordination Team Leader to guide our growing team.

Two locations, one dedicated team.
Thanks HasBuilt Projects for making our dream a reality.

Why is the expansion so meaningful?

We are proud of the growth we’ve experienced at Inebura. Many businesses don’t survive in the first two years of operation. Despite all the setbacks of 2020, we have made a significant impact on people in our community.

When we decided to split the services, we made a conscious effort to keep Inebura and Afea clients distinguished from one another to avoid a conflict of interest. This meant a significant investment of time and funds was needed to set up new systems and databases not only for privacy but to also ensure a seamless experience for our clientele.

Since the launch of our Inebura Portal, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from clients and providers, who say that the system is easy to use, and the quick payments are unmatched in the industry.

With a background in very human services that are offered by Afea, we didn’t want to launch Plan Management and without that continued connection. That’s why we decided to have dedicated Plan Coordinators and a support line that our community can contact us on at any time during the week.

We believe these differences, although they took time to create, have set us apart from other providers. This has allowed us to grow within a tough year for all businesses and the wider community.

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