NDIS Independent Assessments to be rolled out in 2021

What will the NDIS Independent Assessment process be?

The Government recently announced sweeping changes to the NDIS which they promise will make the system easier to use.

One of the most significant reforms was the appointment of Independent Assessors. We now have more information about who those assessors will be and what it will mean for you.

What is an NDIS Independent Assessment?

There have been concerns that it can be difficult for people with a disability and their families to gather supporting evidence of the everyday impact of their condition. Between the cost of specialists, dealing with waiting lists, and time spent going to and from appointments, it can be a timely and costly process. Some people with a disability and their families have less capacity to manage this than others.

To make the system fairer, the government has introduced a standardised way of assessing each potential NDIS participant. The NDIS Independent Assessors will be appointed and paid for by NDIA but they’re not NDIA employees.

The aim of independent assessments is for less time to be spent on proving the challenging impacts of a disability and more time spent talking about the capacity participants do have, and achieving their goals.

What will happen in the assessment?

The assessment process will take 1-4 hours and can be completed in one or multiple sittings at your home or remotely. They will be focusing on your functional capacity and goal setting, rather than the impacts of your disability.

The assessor will ask you questions about your capacity in everyday life. They may ask you to demonstrate some daily activities so they can understand how your disability affects you.

The assessors will all use the same tools and will ask a series of standardised questions based on your age and disability. This means they will provide a standardised report to the NDIA, giving each applicant the same chance to access funding.

What happens after the NDIS Independent Assessment?

The Independent Assessment is an additional step before your planning meeting. Once you have the results from your Assessment, your Planner or LAC will go through them in the planning meeting with you to discuss possible supports and budgets you may receive.

Who has to get an NDIS Independent Assessment?

NDIS Independent Assessments will be compulsory for people entering the NDIS from 2021. It will then be part of plan reviews from mid-2021. Plan reviews won’t be conducted on a uniform 1-2 year schedule as is now, but instead, will be conducted based on life or circumstance changes.

Not all people with a permanent disability are eligible. A request form is filled out to determine if you meet the basic access criteria. NDIA will verify the form then organise an Independent Assessment to determine the budget and supports needed.

If you’d like more information about how the Independent Assessment process might impact you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Inebura.

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