About plan management

Inebura Plan Managers support you by taking care of the administration relating to your NDIS funds. We act as a financial intermediary between you, your providers and the NDIA, ensuring your funding is used to its potential.

Funding for Plan Management comes out of its own budget in your NDIS Plan, meaning the service is effectively free, and will not take away from your other supports.


The benefits of plan management

  • Helps you get the most from your NDIS plan
  • Reduces stress and time spent on administration
  • The service is available to almost all NDIS participants
  • Gives you the flexibility to use registered and non-registered providers
  • Keeps track of your spending and ensures providers aren’t overcharging
  • Extra funding is allocated for plan management, effectively making it free

Compare the options

Find out more about the differences between Plan Managed, NDIA (Agency) Managed and Self-Managed plans.

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Our process

Our expert Plan Managers are committed to maximising your NDIS plan.

Inebura Plan Managers will receive invoices on your behalf, verify them, claim funds from the NDIA and pay providers within 5 days.

Our team of Plan Coordinators are only a phone call away should you have any questions or concerns.

Provider invoices inebura

Provider sends invoice to Inebura

Invoice validated

Invoice is validated


Inebura claims funds from NDIA

Provider paid 5 days

Provider is paid within 5 days

Monthly statement

Monthly statements generated and shared with you

The cost of plan management

Effectively, the support is free. Plan management is funded under its own budget to supplement other supports, meaning no extra costs, and no need to take funding away from elsewhere.

Funding for plan management is a part of the Capacity Building budget, under the line item “improved life choices”. There is a set amount that every NDIS participant with Plan Management funding is allocated according to the NDIS Price Guide, and no provider can charge over this amount.

The NDIS Price Guide is updated regularly, for the exact amount allocated to plan management, see the NDIS website.

Inebura Plan Management

Top Technology

Premium software

Premium software

Easily track spending with our online portal

Ongoing Support

Ongoing support

Ongoing support

Our team of experts are only a call away




We pay providers within 5 days




Preventing fraud and overcharging

Applying for Plan Management funding

Follow the link for information on how to apply for Plan Management

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Inebura technology

Our online portal allows us to quickly and reliably claim funds from the NDIS and process provider payments so you can continue to get the supports you need.

You and your authorised representatives, including Support Coordinators, will be able to log in to the Inebura portal anytime, from anywhere to have full visibility of your NDIS funds and track spending in real-time.

Registered and non-registered providers can upload invoices individually or in bulk to receive payments promptly

  • Real-time budgeting
  • Easily access statements
  • Log in anytime, anywhere
  • Approve provider payments
  • Full transparency of funding
  • Receive updates relating to NDIS plans
  • Approve or automate provider payments
  • Connect with an Inebura plan coordinator

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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay for Plan Management?

No, Plan Management services are completely funded by the NDIS for almost all Participants who ask for it. If approved, the service will be paid for by a separate budget in the NDIS Plan specifically for Plan Management.

What happens if I’m charged more than what’s set out in the NDIS Price Guide?

Part of the role of a Plan Manager is to ensure all invoices from our Participants’ providers are in line with the Prices laid out by the NDIA.

If we see an invoice that does not adhere to these prices, or a new provider invoices us without the participant’s approval, we will not pay it.

Can I get Plan Management if I have a Support Coordinator?

Almost all NDIS Participants who request Plan Management will receive a budget for the support. Whether or not the participant has a Support Coordinator will not affect their Plan Management budget.

Can I be Plan/Agency/self-managed at the same time?

Yes, some NDIS Participants prefer a mixture of the different ways of managing their NDIS Plan. For example, a participant may want to have a Plan Manager look after most of their funding, but may want to use the services of a non-NDIS registered provider who charges above the amounts laid out by the NDIS. The participant can claim funds and pay this provider themselves.

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