Requesting Plan Management

Requests for a Plan Management budget can be made during the initial planning meeting, or at an NDIS plan review. If you didn't have Plan Management in your initial plan, you can request an early plan review, stating that you'd like to include it.

Unlike most other budgets, you do not need to justify why you want Plan Management and there aren’t eligibility requirements. You simply need to ask for it during a planning meeting or review, and it will most likely be automatically approved and included in your NDIS plan.


Requesting a plan review

If you disagree with a decision in your NDIS plan or have a change in circumstances, you can ask for a plan review at any time. Each case is considered by the NDIA. You will need to provide evidence to support your request in order for it to be approved.

If a Participant is requesting a plan review for the purpose of asking for Plan Management funding, their request, more often than not, is successful.

Gather Evidence

Gather evidence supporting the need for a review


Contact the NDIS to request a review

Submit to NDIA

Submit the request by emailing or calling the NDIA

Follow Up NDIS

It may take some time, wait patiently and follow up if necessary

Inebura Plan Management

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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay for Plan Management?

No, Plan Management services are completely funded by the NDIS for almost all Participants who ask for it. If approved, the service will be paid for by a separate budget in the NDIS Plan specifically for Plan Management.

Can I get Plan Management if I have a Support Coordinator?

Almost all NDIS Participants who request Plan Management will receive a budget for the support. Whether or not the participant has a Support Coordinator will not affect their Plan Management budget.

Can I be Plan/Agency/self-managed at the same time?

Yes, some NDIS Participants prefer a mixture of the different ways of managing their NDIS Plan. For example, a participant may want to have a Plan Manager look after most of their funding, but may want to use the services of a non-NDIS registered provider who charges above the amounts laid out by the NDIS. The participant can claim funds and pay this provider themselves.

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