About Support Coordination

Inebura Support Coordinators are committed to helping you achieve your goals, develop your skills, and to access the best services to suit your needs.

Support Coordinators are the link between you and the service providers in your NDIS plan. They help you decide how best to achieve goals and have your needs met and will engage the appropriate formal, informal and mainstream services to do so.

Support Coordination is a part of the Capacity Building budget and is for the purpose of enhancing your skills to manage your NDIS plan and to live more independently.


Benefits of Support Coordination

  • Expert advice and support
  • Make the most of your funding
  • Connection to trusted providers
  • Help to develop skills and resilience
  • Addressing issues and concerns on your behalf
  • Preparation for planning meetings and reviews
  • Attending planning meetings and reviews with you
  • Helping understanding your NDIS plan and agreements
  • Assistance with decision making regarding your NDIS plan
  • Reducing stress and time spent on implementing NDIS plans

Complimentary service to
help prepare for new NDIS plans

Inebura offers free Pre-Planning for participants and their families who are preparing for their first plan. Follow the link for more information.

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Inebura Support Coordination

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Frequently asked questions

How much does Support Coordination cost?

The NDIS Price Guide lays out the maximum a Support Coordinator can charge per hour of work they do for their clients. Because their services are charged by the hour, the amount will differ from week to week and from month to month

Support Coordination funding is under the Capacity Building Budget of an NDIS Plan. For a temporary period, once this budget has run out, you may be able to use some of your Core Supports budget to pay for additional help. This temporary flexibility was introduced in response to COVID-19 and is likely to remain until September 2020.

If your circumstances have changed, or you think you weren’t approved for enough funding for Support Coordination, you can request an early Plan Review. Find out more on this page.

Can I get help applying for Support Coordination?

Yes, get in touch with us to speak to an expert about how to apply for, and get the most from your funding.


Can I get Support Coordination if I have a Plan Manager?

NDIS Participants that are likely to be approved for Support Coordination are people who are: new to the scheme, have limited support from those around them, have limited capacity to implement supports in their plan or are experiencing a life transition or change of circumstances.

Whether the participant is Plan, Self or Agency Managed will not affect their approval for Support Coordination.

What happens if I don’t get approved for Support Coordination?

If you disagree with anything in your Plan, you can request a Plan Review or lodge a complaint at any time. You will need evidence to back up your need for the specific supports you’re asking for and you will need to relate the request to your goals.

If you would like a Support Coordinator to help you prepare for a Planning Meeting or Plan Review, get in touch with us here.

What is the difference between a Support Coordinator and a Plan Manager?

Although their roles are sometimes similar, and both supports are funded under the Capacity Building budget, Support Coordination and Plan Management are quite different.

Support Coordinators have a range of responsibilities depending on the needs of their clients, including helping them understand their plan, attending meetings with them, connecting them to the supports in their plan, preparing for a plan review, providing advice, and addressing concerns related to supports or the Plan itself. Support Coordinators charge per hour of work they provide to the client. Some months they may be providing more support hours than others.

A Plan Manager’s main responsibility is to take care of their participants’ funds. This will include: verifying invoices, claiming funds from the NDIA to pay providers, keeping track of spending, protecting the client from fraudulent invoices and overspending. Unlike Support Coordination, Plan Management is charged at a flat yearly rate as laid out by the NDIS.

Can I get help applying for NDIS funding?

Yes, Inebura offers a free Pre-Planning service, where we help people with disability apply for funding and prepare for their Planning Meeting. Visit this page for more information.

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